Who are Future Asset Ambassadors?

Volunteers who work for investment companies and who are passionate about informing and motivating young women to consider careers in the sector.

Many girls have no contacts in the industry and no idea that your jobs exist. You can provide them with information, powerful role models, networking opportunities and realistic career examples. Ambassadors come from all sectors of the investment industry and can be male or female and any age.

What do Ambassadors do?

Ambassadors volunteer to take part in a number of different roles:

On 24 September 219 we will welcome around 350 girls and their teachers to the Future Asset Conference. We need welcoming faces, networkers, facilitators, you name it, you can help with it! 

This inspirational day will introduce girls to investment, inform them about out exciting investment competition and enable them to meet ‘real people’ from the industry.  

If you can volunteer for an hour, a few hours or a whole day, we would love to hear from you.

Roadshows are small half day regional events for 15-18 year old girls. At these events, ambassadors facilitate fun investment games and activities, encouraging involvement and sharing their own experiences.

You could role play an investment-hungry CEO and get girls to invest in your company, get everyone involved in our Investment Board Game, managing a £100 million portfolio or simply chat to girls over coffee and cake, answering their questions and sharing your experiences.

The Future Asset Investment Challenge will be launched at our conference in September 2019. We are challenging teams of girls from schools in Scotland to pitch an ESG focused investment to a panel of analysts and fund managers! 

They will need to work together to research, analyse, debate and present their chosen company and be ready to face cross examination from our experts. Investment Mentors are volunteers who will be linked to teams to provide advice, guidance or a simple sounding board.

This can be done in person or remotely via email or skype (we hope to involve schools from Dumfries to Shetland). An excellent way to share your expertise and develop your coaching skills.

We would welcome your thoughts and ideas in how we can reach out and engage with girls to inform and inspire. You could offer:

  • Work experience placements or project to a school student?
  • A “Day in Industry” for a teacher, showing them how what they teach is used in the workplace?
  • Talks in schools or volunteering at a careers fair?
  • Your ideas and expertise on how to develop our programme – we’d be delighted to work with you.

Why does Future Asset use Ambassadors?

The job market has become more competitive and roles have become more complex.  New jobs are developing all the time and students can’t rely on the examples of their parents and teachers. If you don’t know a career exists, how can you aim for it? Information is a key part of the ambassador’s role.

To use a cliché, we want girls to see it so they can be it. A study with 7 to 11 year olds has shown that even at that young age career aspirations are shaped by social background and gender stereotypes.  Meeting you widens their horizons and their career possibilities.

Students often assume that whatever you study at college or university leads directly in to a related job. They don’t realise that employers look for a range of skills that could be developed through lots of courses and life paths. Your example can prove to them that careers often make interesting twists and turns!

Research tells us that pupils lack job-search, application and interview skills needed to make successful transition from education to work. Companies say that fewer women apply for roles in investment and often lack the confidence to put themselves across at interview.

At Future Asset we enable girls to see themselves as worth the time and investment we put in to them.  By volunteering your time you are investing in girls.

"I liked talking with the ambassadors and learning about what they do as careers."
"I liked how you brought a lot of people from different business departments."
"The ambassadors were very friendly and gave really good advice."

Benefits for Companies

Working with investment firms from across Scotland, Future Asset can provide industry-wide engagement with schools, educators and most importantly, pupils. Involvement in Future Asset enables companies to show a clear commitment to promoting and improving gender diversity in the long-term. 

Investing in girls, giving them the information and opportunity to explore future careers is a long-term strategic approach, improving awareness, sparking interest and widening the talent pool.


Rachel Mitchell, Consultant Relations Analyst, Baillie Gifford & Co

Rachel graduated in Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship in 2012 and joined Baillie Gifford as a Marketing Assistant the same year.

At high school Rachel didn’t have a clue what she wanted to do, so started working for Lloyds Banking Group in 2006 to see where that took her and found a passion for communication.

If you asked teachers/ friends at school she would have been named “least likely to work in investments” but the industry really surprised her and is now in a role she loves.

After working in the Marketing department for five years and learning about the industry, Rachel moved into the role of Consultant Relations Analyst in the Consultant Relations team in 2018. Consultants advise clients, such as government pension plans, on what they should invest in and my role is to inform them on Baillie Gifford and our offering. Every day is different, I’m continuously learning and meeting new people, and this gives me a lot of job satisfaction.

Rachel would very much like to share her experience with the younger generation so they know it is ok to not know and hopes they consider investment management.

Alan Smith, Investment Compliance Manager, First State Investment

Al works for First State Investments in Edinburgh, where he has been for the last eight years. Prior to this he worked for Standard Life Investments. During this time, Alan has worked in a variety of roles, though they have mostly been in the compliance arena making sure the company stays in line with global financial regulations.

After leaving school in 2004, he spent a year at the University of Strathclyde studying Biochemistry and Pharmacology, before realising that University wasn’t for him, and he left without a degree to find a job.

Al designed Future Asset’s Investment Boardgame which brings investment decision-making to life in a fun and engaging way.

Emily Bowie, Investment Operations Graduate, Baillie Gifford & Co

Emily did a degree in Business and Spanish and then a Masters degree in Sports Management. During this time, rowing was a huge part of her life and she competed for Scotland and GB universities.

Feeling a bit lost after graduating, Emily found the Baillie Gifford Graduate scheme as a way of learning something completely new. Investment Management was something Emily had never considered as a career but now that she is part of it, she is keen to share her experience with young women.

Emily is really excited to be involved with Future Asset and hopes to encourage and inspire girls who are wondering what their next steps might be.