Growing Future Assets Investment Competition 2022

Can you Spot the Next Big Investment Opportunity?

Win up to £1000 for your school and up to £200 in vouchers for each team member by pitching a company you believe we should invest in!

Future Asset is challenging teams of girls to research, analyse and pitch a company you think is a great long-term investment.

Investment Managers invest clients’ money to keep it safe and make it grow.

Clients could be pension funds, charities, or people with savings who rely on professional investment managers to ensure that their money grows to provide an income, a safe retirement fund, or a nest egg for the future.

But which companies should they invest in?  That’s where you come in!

  • Get your team of 3-6 girls together and we will match you with an Investment Mentor, a professional who can advise you – and give you great career insights at the same time!
  • Choose a company to pitch from our Companies Crib Sheet.
  • Research your chosen company: what does it do, how does it make money, and will it grow over the next 5 years
  • Analyse what you have learned and develop your investment pitch on why your chosen company is a great long-term investment
  • Present a clear, persuasive investment case in a Research Report and three-minute Elevator Pitch video by 1 December 2022
  • We’re running Online Masterclasses and videos in the autumn to help with your research and analysis, give you top tips and industry insights

The top teams from the first round will be invited to a live final in March 2023 where they will deliver an extended pitch and be questioned by a panel of investment professionals for the chance to win prizes for their school and their team.

  • Teams of 3-6 girls from secondary schools and colleges in Scotland
  • Junior Competition Category: Team members in S3 to S4 (14-16 years)
  • Senior Competition Category: Team members in S5 to S6 (16-18 years) or studying a course up to SCQF Level 7 at college
  • Schools can enter up to 2 teams in each category
  • Watch our Competition video to see what the girls who took part in 2020 got out of it
  • Join our online Competition Information Sessions for more information and to ask questions (1 June 2022 at 4pm, email to register)
  • Register your team with Future Asset from 1 June and by 9 September 2022 at the latest. You’ll need a Teacher Champion, someone in your school / college who Future Asset can liaise with
  • Download the Company Crib Sheet with information on the companies you can pitch, and the Research Report template for your age category (Senior S5-6, Junior, S3-S4). Have a good look through to choose a company and understand the questions we want you to address in making your pitch
  • We’ll match your team with an Investment Mentor and send you details before the competition starts on 19 September 2022. Get in touch with your Mentor to introduce your team, find out about them and plan how you’ll work together
  • Do your research and analysis on your chosen company from 19 September to 1 December. You can get guidance from your Mentor and our online and video Masterclasses 
  • Prepare and deliver your pitch on our Research Report template and in an Elevator Pitch video
  • Submit your report and video to Future Asset by 5 pm on 1 December 2022

To give some real-life advice and to create links with the investment industry, we’ll match teams with an Investment Mentor, someone who works, or has worked, in investment management. Mentors can provide support and advice via email or online meetings, on topics including:

  • good sources of information
  • explanation of investment terms, concepts or methods
  • understanding financial information
  • delivering presentations
  • feedback on the drafts of your Research Report or Elevator Pitch.

You could also ask them to tell you about their career, what they do and how they got there. How you work with them is up to you, but remember, they’re keen to help so get them involved!

The main role of the link teacher is to:

  • Tell students about the competition and register teams with Future Asset
  • Receive Competition information and forward to teams (we can also email girls directly but it is useful to keep teachers up to date too!)
  • Help teams understand the task, get organised and make contact with their Investment Mentor
  • Check in with teams around once a fortnight to see how they are doing
  • Give feedback on the team’s Research Report and Elevator Pitch Video
  • Help teams send in their entry by 1 December 2022
  • Obtain any permissions the school requires for girls to participate

The school link doesn’t have to be a teacher. Other staff can help too such as the Librarian, School DYW Coordinator or Teaching Assistant.

Senior Competition:

  • Winner: £1,000 for the winning school and £200 vouchers of the students’ choice for each member of the winning team 
  • Runner up: £500 for the runner up school and £100 vouchers of the students’ choice for each team member

Junior Competition     

  • Winner: £800 for the winning school and £150 vouchers of the students’ choice for each member of the winning team 
  • Runner up: £400 for the runner up school and £75 vouchers of the students’ choice for each team member

In addition to the prizes, the competition gives students career insights into the Investment Management industry, experience working with professionals and the chance to develop transferable skills. This is excellent experience and evidence for CVs, job applications and UCAS Personal Statements.

  • 1 June 2022: Competition registration opens
  • 1 June 2022: Competition information session – 4pm
  • 9  September 2022: Registration deadline
  • 19 September 2022: Competition starts         
  • Sept, Oct & Nov 2022: live and recorded competition masterclasses
  • 1 December 2022: First round deadline: all research reports and elevator pitch videos to be submitted
  • 23 January 2023: Announcement of finalists
  • w/c 1 March 2023: Live final

Through taking part in the Growing Future Assets Competition, we aim to:

  • Introduce girls to investment, its operation, relevance and impact, and the range of careers available
  • Develop an understanding that good investing is about the long-term prospects, profits and sustainability of a company
  • Enable girls to engage with investment professionals, gaining career insights and motivation
  • Provide an opportunity for girls to develop transferable skills including research, comparing and assessing sources and data, analysing written and numerical information, developing arguments, debating and advocating, and presentation skills