Emma Jarvie

Future Asset Steering Group and First State Investments

In 2011 Emma graduated from Queen Margaret University with a Degree in Events Management, before spending a couple of years working as a Conference and Events Manager for the Chartered Institute of Housing. In 2015, Emma joined Stewart Investors (now known as First State Investments) as an Assistant for the IT department and has been there ever since, dabbling in Cyber Security and Project Management.

Emma first chose to get involved in Future Asset as she was driven by the lack of information that had been available to her whilst she was at school, about the variety of roles that existed out-with the traditional professions and how her skill-set might be suited to one of these roles. As a result of her positive experience working for an Investment Management firm, Emma believes that more could be done to inform and attract young, female talent to a sector that traditionally was known for being heavily male-dominated.

Emma is an active member of the Women in Banking and Finance Network and in her spare time, enjoys reading books (particularly crime-thrillers), talking her dog for long walks and going on city-breaks with her husband.

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