Sarah Whitley

Future Asset Steering Group and Former Head of Japanese Equities, Baillie Gifford

Sarah retired from a successful career in fund management running the Japanese desk at Baillie Gifford in 2018. She has won a number of industry awards for her outstanding long term investment performance including the inaugural Lifetime Achievement award at the Women in Investment Awards event in 2017. She was involved in running investment trusts but developed a significant business for the Japanese department at Baillie Gifford and was also involved in running International Portfolios, as well as establishing the well regarded sponsorship efforts at Baillie Gifford.

Promoting diversity has been one of her key interests since retirement, but she is also training to row at Master level at various events and is President of Saint Andrew Boat Club as well as being involved in several other charities. She was recently appointed an External Director of Rakuten in Japan, making her one of the very few British women to serve on the Board of major Japanese company.

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