Real People in Investment

We asked some real people who work in investment management in Scotland to tell you a bit more about what investment is, why it matters and what they actually do all day!

What is investment and why is it so important?

What do people who work in investment do?

Getting into the Investment Management industry

Now you’ve heard about what they do, why not search online for some of the companies and their recruitment pages? You could find out more about how to gain experience, the skills and qualities they are looking for and how they recruit people, either as school leaver apprentices, or as university graduates with a wide range of degree subjects.

Investment Management Podcasts with Breaking Through Careers

These podcasts recorded with Breaking Through Careers will get your career questions answered!

Three students from Scottish schools team up with BTC regulars Gillian and Sophie to interview Kirsty, Anjli and Lorna and find out what Investment Managers do.

Kirsty loves the variety of investing in US companies, Lorna explains how investors can improve the environment and Anjli reveals that Small Cap companies aren’t as small as they sound!

These lively discussions give a window into a day in their professional lives and find out what you need to do to get where they are now.

All episodes available on Breaking through careers podcast page.

Gillian Chivinge

Podcasts hosted by: Gillian Chivinge, CEO Breaking Through Careers and Equity Research Analyst, Aberdeen Standard Investments

Lorna Logan, Portfolio Manager, Stewart Investors

The Sustainable Funds Equity Investor
Interviewed by Erin, Bishopbriggs Academy

Episode 1a and Episode 1b

In episode 1, Lorna tells us what a job in sustainable investing looks like, how you can change the world for the better through a job in investing, and how it’s possible to move from a career in management consulting to a career in investment management.

Lorna Logan

Kirsty Gibson, Investment Manager, Baillie Gifford & Co

The US Equity Investor
Interviewed by Beth, Lochgelly High School

Episode 2a and Episode 2b

In episode 2 Kirsty tells her path of how she went from being a ballerina to an investment manager, what she wished she had known before starting out in her career, and an important lesson about failure.

Anjli Shah, Investment Director, Aberdeen Standard Investments

The Small Cap Equity Investor
Interviewed by Amy, Glenwood High School

Episode 3a and Episode 3b

In episode 3, Anjli gives us some Monopoly strategy advice, tells us  whether the investment management industry is anything like what we see on TV, and lets us know which skills you need to be a good equity investor.

Anjli Shah

The Listen Up Series

Our Listen Up Series brings the experience and perspective of investment management professionals into school subjects, putting students’ learning in a real-world context.

These talks from professionals are developed with educationalists and link directly to knowledge, skills and understanding in SQA subjects, demonstrating the range and depth of connections between the investment sector and the wider world.

These first four talks all link in to SQA Higher Business Management. Each video comes with a pdf of the accompanying slides and they are numbered so you know when to move on.

Do you have an idea for a talk we could give? If you do, please get in touch!

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