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A Maelstrom of Emotions but The Winner Takes It All

Fun, gruelling, nerve-wracking, challenging and rewarding – just a few of a whole gamut of reactions experienced by our Growing Future Assets 2023 winners.

Participating in the hotly-contested competition was at times demanding and time-consuming. But the struggle was far outweighed by the elation at coming out top in both senior and junior contests for the girls of Kingussie High School. And the adventure doesn’t end there: some of the students were so inspired that they are now seriously considering a career in investment management.

“Before I wasn’t interested in investment and now it’s something I’d consider as a career path,” says Kirsty.

Many of the girls knew nothing of the contest until being encouraged by their Maths teacher to get involved. And the initial spur for some was simply that participation would look good on a CV or UCAS application. Yet, despite the stresses and strains of taking part alongside school work, part time jobs and extra curricular activities, it ended up being much more satisfying and enriching experience.

“It was lengthy and at some points very draining, but on the other hand, it was also very educational and interesting too, says Catrin.

“But it was also fun. I was able to become more educated about business and investment through interactive research, I also enjoyed working with my team.”

“Giving a live pitch to the judging panel was a bit nerve-wracking,” adds Sasha, “but it still helped to build my confidence and teamwork skills and I didn’t let this stop me from enjoying the competition.”

For all the girls the educational aspect was key. As Gabi explains: “Businesses are complex and there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye.” Catrin confirms: “I learnt a lot about the company we researched but also what investors look for in a business and lots of new terminology from the investment sector. I learnt more about working in a team as well, dividing jobs, different strengths and weaknesses etc.” For Jess it was more than just a school project: “I learned about a possible career path that I’d never considered before. I also improved my communication and presentation skills which will be very helpful in the future. I am now considering a career in investment.” For Catrin, it has also opened up a potential avenue: “I would certainly consider looking further into the world of investment. Before the competition I thought it was boring and had no interest in it whatsoever, now I feel that I could pursue a deeper understanding of it, or perhaps in the future even a job.”

Importantly, it has opened their eyes to the need to encourage young women to investigate opportunities in a sector where they remain under-represented. Sasha sums it up: “Although it may not be for all, I certainly think that if more girls are exposed to the financial industry as a career pathway they may realise that this is the path they want to take and this could really pave the way for more women in the investment industry.

“I am grateful for this experience and I have learned many things I never would have thought that I would. We could not have done it without the wonderful support from those who helped like our teacher and mentors and we were very lucky to have them to help guide us through this competition.”

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