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The Academy


In the meantime, our Masterclasses are here to support you during each step of the competition. From ESG to help with editing your elevator pitch!! Take a look at our Competition Top Tips which will guide you to the matching masterclass for each section of the report! 

Mini Masterclasses

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Mini Masterclass:
Sales and Profits

What is Investment Management?

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Masterclass 1:
Introduction to Investment and the Competition by Iona Bain

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Masterclass 3:
Researching a Company with Christine Montgomery

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Masterclass 6:
ESG Environmental, Social and Governance and COP 26

Finance made easy!

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Masterclass 5:
Share Price Charts and Financial Facts

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Masterclass 10:
Annual Reports and Financial Facts with Sajeer Ahmed 

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Masterclass 8:
Looking for Growth and Making Your Investment Case with James Anderson

Susan Room: Make Your Mark!

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Masterclass 2:
Make Your Mark: Mindset with Susan Room

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Masterclass 4:
Make Your Mark: Body Language with Susan Room

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Masterclass 7:
Speech! With Susan Room:
I’m not a confident speaker. I don’t like giving presentations.

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Masterclass 9:
Mark your Mark – Voice with Susan Room

Bonus Masterclasses

Extra Masterclass:
Tips for Video Recording with Simon Badham

Breaking Through Careers x Future Asset Podcasts

Tune in to our podcast for answers to your investment management career questions! Ever wondered about the stock market’s workings? Curious about a day in the life of an investor? Want to separate fact from fiction about the investment industry? Join us as we chat with three professional investors to share insights, dispel myths, and break stereotypes!

The Sustainable Funds
Equity Investor

Lona Logan, Portfolio Manager, Walter Scott interviewed by Erin from Bishopbriggs Academy

Lorna tells us what a job in sustainable investing looks like, how you can change the world for the better through a job in investing, and how it’s possible to move from a career in management consulting to a career in investment management.

The US Equity Investor

Kirsty Gibson, Investment Manager, Baillie Gifford interviewed by Beth from Lochgelly HS

Kirsty tells her path of how she went from being a ballerina to an investment manager, what she wished she had known before starting out in her career, and an important lesson about failure.

The Small Cap Equity Investor

Anjli Shah, Investment Director, ABRDN interviewed by Amy from Glenwood HS

Anjli gives us some Monopoly strategy advice, tells us  whether the investment management industry is anything like what we see on TV, and lets us know which skills you need to be a good equity investor.

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