You’re nearly there!

Can you finish this challenge? To misquote former US President, Barack Obama, Yes You Can! It’s been a loooong few months. Covid’s still causing havoc, you’ve had work to catch up on, and for some of you, prelims are coming

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Building a knock-out Research Report!

Can you believe we’re in the last couple of weeks of the competition? All the teams have worked so hard – we can’t wait to see the final submissions! We’ve pulled together some links and tips on creating your entries.

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Looking for Growth!

When you invest hard-earned money into a company you want to be as sure as you can that it is going to put your money to good use and continue to operate successfully. What you really want is for it

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ESG: Environment, Social and Governance

You might think investors are only interested in the bottom line – how much money can they make from investing in company stocks and shares –  but that isn’t the case (if it ever was). Like everyone else, investors are

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Team Work!

Tasks can sometimes seem a bit too big, too much of a challenge, too much to do. But the great thing about doing your report for the Growing Future Assets competition is you’re not alone – you’re a team! Great

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yellow telephone


Marie Storrar, a communications professional and Future Asset’s Social Media expert, explains how she works to ensure that anything and everything she works on is clear, simple and to the point. Don’t be scared to reiterate and refine, refine, refine.

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Comment: Encouraging women to enter investment fray

Today, it’s my privilege to be hosting the Future Asset Conference at Strathclyde University, where hundreds of schoolgirls from all over Scotland will not only hear from an array of formidable women, but have the incredible opportunity to learn about an industry that’s so critical in our lives.

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