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From Wall Street to Rathbones – Ailey Porter talks about Internships and Career Aspirations

Before Growing Future Assets appeared on her radar, Ailey Porter’s only knowledge of the investment business was watching Leonardo DiCaprio in the black comedy crime film The Wolf of Wall Street. Today her CV boasts an internship at Rathbones.

Eve Sneddon, Assistant Investment Manager at Rathbones caught up with Ailey to find out more about how she’d been getting on since winning the competition with her team from Auchinleck Academy in 2020. In her interview, Ailey, now a student at Strathclyde University,  talks about how much fun the whole process was and explains the ways in which it has shaped her career path and aspirations.

“Taking part in the Future Asset competition has provided me with so many life skills that I’ll take with me forever. I think it’s taught me that you need to be so open to all the opportunities that are out there. Again, investment was something that I didn’t know much about and I had no prior knowledge of it. So I think it’s so important to be open-minded about everything.

“It’s improved my communication so much, being able to work as part of the team even though it was with my friends from school, and then also confidence in ourselves. It can be quite a nervous thing the thought about not knowing anything about investment and all of a sudden, you’ve to present in front of a panel of investment professionals. So just being able to believe in each other and just have that confidence to stand up and present yourself as something that will always be useful in later life,” says Ailey Porter.

Read full interview here.

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