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Judges' Feedback for a
Top-Notch Report and Pitch

Judges' Feedback

The Judges were blown away this year by the level of detail and talent shown within the 110 submissions we received in the Growing Future Asset Investment Competition.  By now, all teams will have received their personalised feedback and results, and the certificates are being printed for us to send after the February break. 

Our panels of judges spent many hours reading, watching, assessing, and reassessing all the reports and videos to ensure we gave all of the teams’ work the proper consideration it deserved.   

With these excellent insights, we have pulled together some of the top feedback highlighted that you may find helpful.  

The Report

  • What do you think? – In-depth analysis and a strong understanding of the company demonstrated by the team racks up those extra points. Our Judges said a fuller understanding of company and suggestions/thoughts for growth would make a great investment case and show your understanding. 


  • Spelling and Grammar – The judges recommend proofreading your work to avoid dropping points.  Judges also recommend sticking to classic fonts, such as Arial/Calibri styles,  for your written work so it is easy to read. Remember: consistency is key!  


  •  Facts and figures- Added context around your figures are beneficial to judges. You know about the company but make sure the judges know that as well. 


  • Data overload – When there is so much data, it is useful to focus on what is most important. Pick out those main points that back up your arguments.  Watch our Masterclass ‘Annual Reports and Financial Facts’ to help with this.   

The Pitch

  • Sound Quality- We know filming in a busy school isn’t easy, but background noise within the video pitch means the judges can’t hear the content.  Avoid dropping points by making sure the judges can hear what you are saying.   


  •  Many teams may rush to fit all their content into 3 minutes. To avoid this, the judges suggest spending a little time deciding on your core key arguments and just ensuring you really hit those well.  This should help with the time limit.  In contrast, make sure you make the most of your 3 minutes to show of your knowledge.  


  •  Have fun! – Presenting in front of a camera isn’t easy, but our judges urge teams to have fun with it.  Show your team’s originality and get your points across.  The highest-scoring pitches are the most memorable ones.   


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