Growing Future Assets Investment Competition

Win £1000 for your school and £200 in vouchers of your choice for each team member by pitching a company you feel is worth investing in!

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Future Asset is challenging teams of girls in Scottish schools to research, analyse and pitch an investment idea to a group of investment professionals.

The Challenge!

Investors and Asset Managers manage and invest their clients’ money to keep it safe and make it grow over the long term. The clients might be pension funds with the collective savings of teachers, fire fighters or office workers, charities that have received money from wills, or people with savings.  They rely on professional investment firms to ensure that their money grows over time so that it can provide an income, a nest egg, or a safe retirement fund for the future.

But which companies should they invest in? That’s where you come in! We want teams of 3 to 6 girls to take on the role of Investment Analysts:  

  • Select a company from our Companies Crib Sheet which features 34 companies listed on stock markets across the world. We have given you some background information on each company and some cases for and against investment to get you started.
  • Research information on all aspects of your chosen company. We have suggested lots of places you could find company information, but how you do your research is up to you.
  • Analyse the information, discuss and debate with your team members, and decide why you think that company represents a sound long-term investment.
  • Present a clear, persuasive case of why you think we should invest, in writing and in a videoed elevator pitch!

The top teams from the first round will be invited to an expenses-paid final in Edinburgh in June 2020 where they will deliver an extended pitch and be questioned by a panel of investment professionals.

The competition winners will receive £1000 for their school and £200 for each of the team members in vouchers of their choice. Teams will also get the chance to meet with investment professionals, visit their offices and get valuable insights and experience for their CVs and university, college and job applications.

Competition Objectives

Through taking part in the Growing Future Assets Competition, we aim to:

  • Introduce girls to investment, its operation, relevance and impact, and the range of careers available.
  • Develop an understanding that good investing is about the long-term prospects, profits and sustainability of a company.
  • Enable girls to engage with investment professionals, gaining career insights and motivation.
  • Provide an opportunity for girls to develop transferable skills including research, comparing and assessing sources and data, analysing written and numerical information, developing arguments, debating and advocating, and presentation skills.

Who can enter the competition?

  • The competition is open to teams of girls from all secondary schools in Scotland.
  • Schools may submit entries from a maximum of 2 teams.
  • Teams must be made up of between 3 and 6 girls.
  • Team members must be in years S4 to S6 (or 14 to 18 years old inclusive).

How to enter the competition

  • Register your team via the application form (Google form) and request an investment mentor (optional).
  • Review the companies on the Companies Crib Sheet, (PDF) carry out initial research and decide as a team which company to pitch.
  • Carry out your research and analysis and complete your Research Report (Powerpoint download) and Elevator Pitch video.
  • Submit your Research Report by email and Elevator Pitch video by the deadline of 27 March 2020. Each team must submit a Research Report and an Elevator Pitch video to be eligible for the competition. Entries, or any part of an entry, received after 27 March 2020 cannot be accepted for the competition.

Investment Mentors

To give some real-life advice and to create links with the investment industry, teams may request to be matched with an Investment Mentor, someone who works, or has worked, in the investment industry. Investment Mentors can provide limited advice via email, skype or telephone to the team. This support and advice might include:

  • Advice on sources of information;
  • Explanation of investment terms, concepts or methods;
  • Advice on delivering presentations;
  • Feedback on the drafts of your Research Report or elevator pitch.

This role is a coaching one only and judges will be seeking to ensure that pupils themselves have sourced, and fully understand the significance of, the research material submitted. If the team they are paired with get to the final, the Investment Mentor may attend, but will not be allowed to participate in the presentation delivery or answer questions.

Teams who would like to be matched with a mentor should request this in the initial application form.

If schools have a contact who could act as an Investment Mentor, they can provide Future Asset with the name and contact details to enable us to send them details on their role and the competition rules.


£1,000 for the winning school and £200 vouchers of the students’ choice for each member of the winning team 

£500 for the runner up and £100 vouchers for each team member.


  • Monday 18 November: Competition Registration Opens                 
  • Friday 27 March 2020: First round deadline: all Research Reports and Elevator Pitch Videos to be submitted
  • Week commencing 20 April 2020: Announcement of finalists
  • Week commencing 15 June 2020: Competition Final in Edinburgh, Reception and winners awarded prizes.


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Vouchers of your choice for each team member


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For your school
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Vouchers of your choice for each team member
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