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Top tips for your elevator pitch!

Now that you’re completing  your research and filling out your research report, it’s time to think about your  elevator pitch video!  

What is an elevator pitch? 

An elevator pitch is an overview of the main arguments of your research report, and you have to express these ideas to the judges in the time it takes to complete an average elevator ride!

This might sound like a strange concept, but elevator pitches are useful for businesses to get to know you and your killer arguments in a short space of time.

But you might be thinking, where do we start? Let’s think about some top tips for creating your video.

Less is more

You might want to say everything that you have written in your research report, but three minutes isn’t enough time! Instead, the judges want to hear your most interesting arguments. Which arguments do you think will stand out among the other teams pitching your company? You want to capture their attention and get it fast.

Practice, practice, practice 

The best elevator pitches are the most natural – otherwise your team will end up sounding like salespeople. To show your knowledge of the company you have chosen, you want the pitch to flow like it’s part of a wee chat you’re having with the judges. Practise your pitch by speaking out loud until it rolls off your tongue.

Be creative 

There is no set format to the elevator pitch video. You can be creative! Think of the way that you and your team would be engaged by a video – as long as it’s short, engaging, and shows that you know your research, we don’t mind how you choose to present it. Will it be a TikTok, or can you use props or graphics to make your killer arguments? Or will you debate the idea with your team on camera?

We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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