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Using Resources

Now that you have chosen your company and started your research, which resources will you use to find information and how will you check its reliability? This blog post explains the main types of resources, where to find them, and how to make sure they are reliable sources!

Why use resources?

Whatever path you choose to go down – college, university, career – identifying and checking resources will be an important skill to have! Educators and employers will want to see that you know how to find and use a wide variety of reliable and reputable sources to improve your arguments.

Types of resources 

There are many different types of resources that you can use in your research –

  • websites,
  • publications,
  • TV/YouTube,
  • social media,
  • and many more.

Find these online or contact your librarian to find out what resources are available in your school!

Also, your research doesn’t just have to be online, how can you find out more about the company you have chosen offline? Maybe your company has a branch near your school that you can visit, or you can use the product that they produce. Ask your teacher for ideas and help to go offline with your research!

How to check reliability of your sources?

It’s important to cross reference your information by checking it on different sources. That way you can be confident you’ve got the facts straight. Sometimes you will find that websites, especially when offering opinions about investments, present contrasting cases. When this happens, you have to decide which you think is most convincing, and why.

Resource examples  

For more ideas and information, find a list of resources that your team can use on the back of the company crib sheet document. Remember to tell us what sources you have used in your research.

Example set of collected resources

A great way for the whole team to gather online (or scanned offline) resources is to use an online notice board like Padlet or Wakelet.

Check out this sample board that Team Future Asset has created for TOMRA for an idea of how it works. These boards are such a BRILLIANT way to keep everything in one place and easily accessible by the team!

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