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Top tips for a competition judge

Do you want to make your research report and elevator pitch stand out from the rest? Our competition judge Sarah shares her top tips on what makes a good competition entry!

Research report

It can be hard to fit everything you want to say into your research report, but Sarah recommends that you use all of your knowledge on the company to answer the questions directly. Condense your information into killer arguments!

Be critical of the company – think about the company’s biggest weaknesses, as well as strengths. What questions would you ask the company if you could?

Elevator pitch 

Sarah explains that for this section of your competition entry, you must imagine that you have three minutes to pitch your idea in an elevator with the judges – it needs to be brief and engaging! Get your point of view on the company across using your strongest arguments.

4 top tips: 

Lastly here are Sarah’s four main tips to follow that will get the judges’ attention:

  1. Show your understanding of the company – write the report and pitch in your own words to show you understand what you are arguing
  2. Make sure your argument is clear – don’t just copy and paste from sources, make sure your arguments flow and can be easily understood by the judges
  3. Find something original to say – one different argument from the other teams will wake up the judges and spark their interest in your competition entry
  4. Lastly, be yourself – the judges want to see the real you and your enthusiasm for the competition and your pitch!
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