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Exploring Investment Management:
A conversation with Lorna Logan

Exploring Investment With Loran Logan

Lorna Logan, an investment analyst and joint portfolio manager of the Stewart Investors European Sustainability funds, shares insights into her journey within the investment industry. Having devoted a significant portion of her career to investment, she sheds light on her path, challenges, and the importance of encouraging more women to consider careers in finance.


Reflecting on her introduction to investment, Lorna recalls, “I remember interviewing for a graduate role at Lehman Brothers, just before the financial crisis in 2008, and needing to look up what an equity was!” Her career commenced in management consulting at Capgemini, propelling her to Sydney and eventually landing her a role in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s investment division. However, her passion for sustainability led her to pursue a part-time Master’s in Sustainability at Cambridge University, a pivotal step that propelled her towards her dream role at Stewart Investors.


Lorna acknowledges the increased focus on steering girls toward STEM subjects but stresses, “The number of girls and women in the industry is still very low – so there is more work to be done.” Emphasising the importance of initiatives like Future Asset, which Stewart Investors actively supports, she adds, “If everyone offers help and support (even just a little bit), then the investment world will become a much less scary and intimidating place for young girls.”


Sharing her involvement with Future Asset, Lorna details, “I have mentored young women who are looking for advice on how to enter the investment industry.” Her dedication extends to participating in workshops and conferences, aiming to demystify investment careers for high school girls and offering insights through podcasts like ‘Breaking Through Careers – Investment Management’.


Lorna’s advice for girls considering investment careers is both practical and encouraging. She suggests, “Read the websites of as many different fund managers as possible to understand what they do and the differences between them. Listen to podcasts. Read articles.” She underlines the diverse nature of investment roles, beyond mere number-crunching, advocating for exploring opportunities and roles in client servicing, marketing, legal, and more.


Highlighting the need for schools to broaden career guidance, Lorna advocates for inviting professionals from diverse fields. She emphasizes, “Bringing in people from all industries to speak to children about their experiences is always helpful.” This approach aims to expose students to various career options beyond conventional recommendations.


Lorna Logan’s journey exemplifies resilience, passion, and a commitment to empowering women in the investment landscape. Her advocacy for inclusivity, demonstrated through initiatives like Future Asset, signifies the proactive steps needed to pave the way for future generations of women in finance.

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