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Future Asset Impact: Inspiring girls to create a diverse financial future

On Tuesday 5th December 2023, Future Asset hosted a Reception at Holyrood sponsored by Michelle Thomson MSP, which provided a vital opportunity for key stakeholders, including students, teachers, industry representatives and volunteers, and elected members, to discuss the lack of gender diversity in the investment management industry.

On the night Michelle Thomson, MSP said: “I’m delighted to be sponsoring this Future Asset event in the Scottish Parliament this evening. I’m very interested in using all the ways I can to promote girls and women into financial services. Perhaps I have more than a vested interest in this, as I spent around 23 years in financial services. I’m also the convener of the Cross-Party group for women’s enterprise and sit on the Finance Committee. In other words. I’ve spent my career involved in the area so that is why I’m so delighted to sponsor it.”

They also highlighted the support needed for girls from all backgrounds to pursue careers within investment management, widening the talent pipeline and enabling long-term benefits for the Scottish Economy with a powerful video from the girls and teachers who are taking part in this year’s competition.

Helen Bradley, CEO of Future Asset said: “We have had so much positive feedback from our guests already. From firms, teachers and perhaps most significantly, from the girls They had a fantastic evening, and it has really underlined to them that they have so much potential, and that their talents are very much needed in the investment management industry.”

At a time when the proportion of female fund managers lies stagnant at 12% in the UK and almost 60% of 16-24-year-olds in Scotland are unlikely to consider a career in financial services, this discussion comes at a crucial time for policymakers.

Future Asset informs girls in Scotland about careers in investment management, enthuses them about opportunities in the sector, and widens the talent pipeline whilst improving diversity in the industry. 

Attendees on Tuesday night heard from several schools across Scotland’s 32 local authorities on their experience with Future Asset. There are now cohorts participating in the competition from 30 of the local authorities. The girls shared their recommendations on the additional support they require to expand access to this sector. Guests also heard from key industry representatives on why they are lending their full support to this initiative.

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